Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd Birthday Party!

Scarlett's Gabba party!  Scarlett's Gabba party!

(^I can’t take credit for creating these! A lovely mom in my MOPS group made them! (Toilet paper cover with tissue paper!) They’re so cute! ^)

scarletbdaypic2  _MG_9616 IMG_0562 _MG_9572Scarlett's Gabba party!photo-45

Smith Christmas  photos

olivejuicephoto2  Scarlett Christmas  Harlow's Christmas photo

_MG_4592  _MG_4624

_MG_4370  _MG_4373

My baby shower photo booth! (gender neutral)

photobooth1  photobooth12  photobooth16photobooth5  photobooth13

 Smith Halloween!
hallow1Last year, 2012

Our Halloween mantel


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